Warda Eid Collection 2017 Summer Lawn Dresses Volume 2 Catalogue

As the temperature is rising day by day so is the constant launching of lawn volumes. Each designer is playing his or her part in toning down this temperature rhetoric with their cool and feathery light fabrics. It is the one thing that keeps women folk sane in scorching heat of summers in Pakistan when they are sweating in the house doing chores for their families. Yes it does take a lot of effort to stay calm in front of stove in these days but there is one thing that works like a chilled drink and that is a light and lively lawn dress. Not just a dress but one that was taken from sale will add cherry to the topping. Warda Eid Collection 2017 has been put on sale now. But never miss this Bonanza Satrangi Collection for Eid 2017!

Warda Eid Collection 2017 Summer Lawn Dresses Volume 2 Catalogue

There are about thirteen designs and all of them a Mélange of Light and dark hues.  All kinds of embellishments accompany these dresses; from digital prints to embroidery. The dopata fabric is also changed from dress to dress. Some have chiffon dopata while there are others that take bamber chiffon to create it. The dresses of Warda Eid Collection 2017 have been stitched in the most chic and trendy ways.  The prints and embroideries are spread on the shirt in a number of ways. In some cases they decorate the hemlines only whereas in others necklines are the centers of attraction. Warda Eid Collection 2017 has all kinds of dresses in this collection. There are single shirts, two piece dresses and three piece dresses too.  There are lawn dopatas too for those who prefer lawn over chiffon. There is however another type of dopata which is brosha on chiffon.

The shirts are of two types according to the fabric. These are made of lawn fabric and chickenkari. The bottoms are made of only light cotton. As per designing there is digital as well as threadwork to make the dress more gorgeous. Warda Eid Collection 2017 as earlier said has been on sale. So the percentage of discount on each item is different. It offers different ranges of discounts depending upon the dress from a mere ten percent to thirty five percent. A typical suit from Warda Eid Collection 2017 has a shirt front which is 1.25 meters in length. The back side of the shirt is 1.75 meters in length. The trouser has a measurement of about 2.50 meters. The dopata too measures about 2.50 meters. The whole suit makes up about eight meters in length that is a lot of fabric. Most of the colors of this collection are light. However there are some darker tones too like green mustard and blue. These dresses are available online on the Official Store of Warda. They can be bought from there conveniently and delivered at your doorstep. The cash can be paid at delivery of the item. For free delivery the product price should be more than fifteen hundred rupees only. Lesser than that the delivery charges will apply.

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