These 30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful

Mehndi is additionally called as ”Henna” or “cypress bloom”. Henna word is gotten from the Latin Arabic name which is articulated as “Henna”. Mehndi has extremely old and interesting history. It has been utilizing from the old times, practically from 5000 years prior. History revealed to us that Mehndi was presented in India by mughal domains. It is additionally said that mehndi is initially from India. Mehndi is set up by drying out leaves of henna plant and after that is blended with water to influence a thick paste and used to make Mehndi designs. At that point Mehndi is prepared to apply various Mehndi Designs on various parts of body.

30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful

In spite of the fact that Mehndi has extremely old history at the same time, Mehndi Designs are getting such a great amount of praise in the present age as it looks so lovely and have no symptoms that cause health issues .But some people have sensitive skin so for precautionary measures you should apply it on small portion and wait for 24 hours if it has no symptoms you can apply it on your body parts. A delicate plastic sort of cone or henna brush is utilized to apply Mehndi Designs on body parts to draw diverse wonderful floral patterns. In old times, a metal hand made instrument was utilized to apply mehndi. It is said that in the event that if  you need more delightful and solid shading then you should wrap the mehndi section with any plastic cover or tissue paper.

Some people like to get darker color; if you are interested to get dark color you should keep Mehndi Designs on spotted area for 24 to 72 hours. If you will not apply water on it, it will be darker as you want to get. After the dryness of Mehndi designs, don’t remove it because the darkening of color is in process. After all this waiting section you will get brownish beautiful designs which make your hands or the other areas where you want to put most beautiful. It looks so attractive. Wedding ceremony seems to be incomplete without Mehndi Designs. In Pakistan beside many other wedding functions as mayyon, tail, Mehndi functions is arranged on major scale and celebrated with energy by young boys and girls. They do dance and put mehndi paste on bride or groom’s hand. Mehndi function is additionally celebrated with dinner. Every one enjoys this function more as compared to the other ones.

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Mehndi Designs are applied on many other function too such as engagement ceremonies, parties at Universities, birthday parties, get to gather, and on Eid as well. Every region has its specific Mehndi Designs. Arabic, Indian and Pakistani Mehndi Designs are most famous designs. These designs need a trainer to apply because of their complexity and neatness which is essential part of mehndi for looking beautiful. But now days due to the fast media and social media it is also not a harder job. You can apply it while looking on the designs. All these design look so beautiful and attractive.


Henna leaves area dried and crushed to make a fine powder. It can be added with water, lemon juice, strong tea and a number of liquids their addition depends upon the tradition of the region. Some essential oils such as lavender and tea tree oil will enhance the skin staining qualities. Numerous conventional and imaginative tools are used to apply its paste. Different regions have different tools such as syringe and jacquard bottle which is mostly used to stain the silk fabric. The form of Bridal Mehndi in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India is getting density and expansion in Mehndi Designs. It also comes with new improvement glitter, gliding and fine line. Traditionally it is said for a bride that the more darker color of Mehndi Designs, more intensely her husband will love her. If you love of Arbic Designs Mehndi on your hands this article is for you

Henna is known to be unsafe to individuals with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase inadequacy (G6PD insufficiency), which is more typical in guys than females. Pre-blended Henna powders are lethal to skin as these have many ingredients to get a darker stain but leave a side effect. United Stated Food and Drug Administration consider the action as illegal and risky for a person to apply on skin. So be careful while applying it. You should take a small area test which is not in contact with other eyes. In addition to use glitter and other thing s with Mehndi Designs you should be careful that these are not dangerous to skin.

Natural henna gives red brown color but another henna is used which is called black henna it is obtained from other resources. Black Henna might be gotten from indigo. It might likewise contain many harm and other non listed chemicals such as p-phenylenediamine (PPD), which can give skin a darker color rapidly but it may be allergic and cause scars on skin.

The FDA particularly denies PPD to be utilized for this reason. Some people use this black henna for hair dyes and making tattoos on body parts. If someone tries to make tattoo from this black henna it will be very dangerous for the person and it can take you to the hospital. Chemical hair dyes now write warnings on their labels to get secure health. PPD is very toxic for skin and hairs too. You can easily recognizes this chemical in Henna , if a paste of mehndi gives you color in less than half an hour it has PPD. If you feel allergy and burning of your skin see your doctor, if first time a person suffers from PPD reaction, he will be sensitive to all chemical using products as perfumes and hair dyes.

Traditionally in past Mehndi pastes are made at home for Mehndi Designs, but now it is available in market in packaging that’s why we suffer from health issues. So if you want to be safe make Mehndi paste by yourself as it naturally gives color due to the specific quality of plant. You need not to add any chemical in it time is very important to get beautiful color but short cut make you dangerous to health issues.

30 Mehndi Designs For Hands Are Below

30. Eid conveys bliss to every single Muslim home over the globe; it not just requires a function devour, it is a national function for every Muslim. No doubt these functions bring us close to our people and flourish our culture. Preparations for the function go on top for men, women and kids. Girls arrange Mehndi sessions at chand raat to apply Mehndi designs on their hands. Some time ladies become so passionate FOR Mehndi Designs as they cal professionals to apply it. Here is a simple Mehndi Design with beautiful floral patterns it is very easy to apply that one can apply by just looking at it. This design gives you an attractive and simple look. This Mehndi Design isn’t excessively untidy.

29. If you are exhausted from customary Mehndi Designs which are so simple and did not get any attraction. Try this design which looks modern and reveals our tradition. This design makes your hand more attractive and beautiful that you love it.

28. The ladies who need a more topped off look on their hands; this Mehndi Design will all over fill your hand with beautiful patterns. This design looks more traditional and makes your wedding an extraordinary occasion.

27. It is said traditionally in Pakistan and India that darker the color of Mehndi , more the husband loves you. Nobody knows it is true or not bit bride cherished by listening this from her fellows. It will create a belief that my hands look beautiful and in return my husband will love me intensely. Truly this is pervasive custom in a few societies and adds more amusing to the entire event.

26. Girls love to apply Mehndi Designs on the back side of their hands. This design makes your hand beautiful and attractive on back side. This get you close to your tradition but at the same time gives you a modern look. Girls are very keen to apply modern styles whether it is of Mehndi Design or Clothes or shoes so this Mehndi Design will make your requirement for modernism.

25. Lady of the hour (bride) gorgeous look is very important in every Mehndi or wedding function. Apply this design, when you hand shades with red mehndi it looks greatly elegant on your hands. Your hands are really noticeable with this design. It is beautiful and not messy.

24. Some ladies like make Mehndi Designs which are not messy and looks beautiful and also not fill the complete hand. For this don’t take any stress and feel free to apply this design on your hand. This is also appropriate for the working ladies which have top fulfill heavy work load and also want to enjoy Mehndi charm. For getting non messy design you should focus on one theme. This basic thinking will make the Mehndi Design more beautiful.

23. There are many tradition related to Mehndi in India and Pakistan. Women like to get darker shades and it looks that there is a competition held for Mehndi Designs. Girls show their hands to each other and talk about which design is beautiful as compared to the other ones. The girl with more votes feels proud for her beautiful hands which won the competition. This design goes for small part functions and University function and you can also use it on Eid as it gives your hands a fabulous look.

22. Some people focus on simple but beautiful Mehndi Designs, this design is very suitable for those people. Simplicity is also liked by many people and they attract towards simple yet beautiful hands. Apply this design if you want to look simple but beautiful.

21. Arabic designs have their own look and are liked by many Pakistani and Indians. Arabian designs are made more beautiful by the use black mehndi. Shades of red mehndi with black mehndi makes Mehndi Designs more charming for brides and other ladies as well.

20. There are many charming and excellent Mehndi Designs which suits beest for birthday function, Eid, small family gatherings, college and University functions and wedding functions as well. Apply this simple and elegant design on your hands which gives you a fascinating and attractive look.

19. Younger girls also love to apply Mehndi on their hands, yet they cannot take its care for and cannot keep the time which is required for best color, but they said we want, we want. This design is very beautiful for the little kids. They cannot concentrate on any work for long time, this design is very suitable for them and it can be made shortly. This simple design makes hands beautiful.

18. For a gorgeous bridal; look it is very important that her hands should have to be fully covered with Mehndi Designs. This design with many small floral patterns makes your hands fully covered with Mehndi and if you are a bride you look amazing with it. It also gives you a traditional look for making you fit on the wedding occasion.

17. This Mehndi Design is reasonable for ladies who need straightforward yet excellent mehendi design. Some brides like simple designs. This design will fulfill your requirement to look simple yet elegant on your occasion. If you apply this on your hand every ones keep their eyes on your hands. Try this simple design and enjoy your function to look gorgeous ad attraction by people.

16. This design is very appropriate on engagement functions. This is not too much messy and complicated but also gives you a beautiful hands look for the requirements of the desired occasion. Try this Mehndi Design on your hands for engagement functions.

15. Arabic Mehndi Designs looks elegant and very easy to apply, use this Arabic design you hands give a look of completely filled and beautiful.

14. This Mehndi Design will embellish the hands of the eventual lady of the hour and influence them to look exceptionally excellent. Customary themes and floral patterns settle on this an extraordinary design.

13. Use of black Mehndi for Mehndi Designs makes design more prominent even from far. If you want to look prominent on your occasion use this design, it will promise to make you fabulous on your wedding occasion.

12. This design is very beautiful to use on the bride’s hand. Beautiful patterns which are traditional and modern as well make the design more excellent. Bride should be very gorgeous on her big day. Hope groom love her hands and she feel proud of such beautiful hands.

11. On Eid messy and complicated Mehndi Designs are not liked, this is so simple and best for Eid functions. It is additionally very easy to apply. These functions are a great source of charm and sitting together. Even all family members arrange large parties for Eid and many family functions are also arranged. So you should be very elegant from each side of fashion and tradition.

10. This straightforward yet beautiful Mehndi Design on you palm and wrist make your hands more attractive. You look amazing with this design. Sometime a large circular shape design is also performed on hands and it looks gorgeous. This large pattern will make whole hand beautiful.

09. While living n a social environment we need to meet many people around us, and ladies especially are very in to make their social circle and interested to extend it. For this reason they tend to organize many small party functions at their homes to meet their fellow ones and discuss the modern fashion styles. This design goes for such ladies.

08. Some time whole hand filling don’t looks good and ladies like to leave short gaps between the weaving patterns? This Mehndi Design will also make your color of skin prominent and it makes a contrast with the skin color which gives an attractive look. Apply this design to make hands attractive by other ladies and enter the competition of getting darker color with them. Hope you will win among them.

07. If you are very new in this field and feeling hesitate to apply Mehndi Designs, this design will give you a comfort level for its application on hands. It looks simple but attractive and gorgeous for your hands. After making this you become confident and try more for other designs. Try this first time on your own hand or the other ones.

30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful

06. It is noticed that combination of Pakistani designs with Arabic ones make the whole design more beautiful. These designs can also be applied on any type of occasion whether it’s a wedding function, a birthday party or college functions. You should apply this amazing Mehndi Design on your hands. Use of bangles and rings make hands more charming. While using these accessories you look more beautiful as any other lady in the world.

05. Traditional Mehndi Designs are always in fashion. Every ride or girl also wants to give a traditional look whether it of dress, shoes or Mehndi. They also want to look modern on the occasions. Tradition and customs are our basics as we are not recognized without them. So we love these customs and traditions. This modern and simple design will give your hands the requirement of looking fascinating. When you apply it, other girls must ask you to apply on their hands too. If you want to look elegant on every occasion use this Mehndi Design, hope you will look attractive.

30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful

04. Mehndi Designs are also introduced with many variations. Use of glitter makes each design good. Make many weaving floral outlines on your hand and use glitter on them you will lived this way of Mehndi Design. Bride will look stunning and shiny with this style.  Use of these variations also gives you a prominent look on each occasion and get to gathers. With the use of simple floral designs on dress it contrasts very much. Addition of heels makes you gorgeous lady of the function.  So apply this gorgeous variation on your hands.

30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful

03. In spite of using tattoos you should use a Mehndi for different Mehndi Designs. You can make different images on your hand by the use of different tracing materials. No expertise is needed for using of these types. You can make different pictures on your hands as the image of nook, leaf, single large flower, pearls, and lines. Kids love to draw their names. It also looks stunning. So you can make anything on your hand as you want. Try each style of Mehndi Design to look elegant. It also gives you a source of enjoyment.

30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful

02. This new Mehndi Design will make you fresh and beautiful. Old designs are very boring as they have no patterns and modern styles of applying. By the discoveries of different styles which are introduced by many traditions Mehndi Designs become more fascinating event for every function. If you want to enjoy this tradition apply this modern, simple to some extent and beautiful design on your hands. Hope you love it. Fragrance of Mehndi is also liked by many people. With its beautiful fragrance in routine life, you feel yourself on wedding function because Fragrance of smell is associated to wedding functions and many parties.

30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful


01. Bride has a great chance to apply all Mehndi Designs on her hands, feet, arms as it is a special occasion for her. She also likes to look attractive by a number of people. So she avails this opportunity and apply all styles of Mehndi on her hands. She also enjoys the gossip about Merhndi colors by her fellows, and whole function seems to e very enjoyable with their laughs. Every function is incomplete without Mehndi.

30 Mehndi Designs Can Make Your Hands More Beautiful

Enjoy your Mehndi function and other gatherings with these beautiful 30 Mehndi Designs which makes your hands more beautiful.

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