5 Emotional Moments from “This Is Us” Season 1


This Is Us is technically a TV show, it’s also a tear-jerking machine that coaxes salty fluid from viewer’s eyes even when they try to resist. This Is Us has provoked more than its fair share of tears-both sad and happy, first of its season. In fact, to narrow them down to a big three, we have settled on seven of this TV show’s most emotional moments. Here are 5 Emotional Moments from “This Is Us” Season 1.

Refresh yourself on all the feelings and emotion from This Is Us season 1 with the recap, before season 2 premiers. This Is Us season 1 introduced us to the family of Pearson and then often beautiful, always real, sometimes difficult and powerfully emotional lives that they lead.

THIS IS US — “The Trip” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Chrissy Metz as Kate, Justin Hartley as Kevin — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

  1. The washing machine montage:

Is that really making a person cry?  That the photos of children and their parents on the washing clothes or standing in Laundromats over the year? Generally, the answer is “No”, but “The Wind” by Cat Stevens on the soundtrack with those photos or images, by watching this scene you involved yourself at least a couple of sniffles.

  1. Jack’s Funeral:

The snapshots of Jack’s funeral in serial “This Is Us” are brief, brought on by memories Kate has, as taking as intense or deep Pound class. We still don’t have the idea how Jack died at this stage or point, but just watching so many young Pearson’s in black and a photo of the memorial of Milo Ventimiglia are enough for us to bring the dabs on eye.   


  1. Randall’s hallucination:

If you have watched the complete series “This Is Us”, you surely remember that time when Randall was truly made his mother for not telling Randall that she knew about his birth father, and then Randall accidently drank a psychedelic mushroom and had a hallucinated heart to heart discuss with Jack. This scene leaves some liquid from your tear ducts.


  1. Doctor K. visit his wife’s grave:

There are sure This Is Us truths, we can now grip to be self-evident, and one of them is: if Gerald McRaney displays that there will be crying. Actually, every time when you see one of the Simons from Simon & Simon or if you watch, Raymond Tusk from House of Cards, you come to know it’s all about get emotional. In this episode, Rebecca goes into labor and disclose how much Doctor K. is still grieving over the loss of his wife, the most emotional part of this is when Dr. K. was visiting his wife’s grave.


  1. The dojo scene:

This is really very tough, on one hand, it’s stirring or moving to see Jack doing all the pushes upside with Randall on his back, he was lifting his son on his back “to greater heights, it doesn’t matter how much pain you get or it may cause”. This was the moment, as the black mentors in Randall’s material class of art offer him for his helps and support, it was also flash to William, that he was reading a letter in which Rebecca is refusing once again to allow him to see his biological son. All these emotional scenes bring tears that are running down the face.