Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Vol-2 Collection 2017 New Arrival

As is there the onset of summer so is the continuous launching of lawn additions. One thing to keep women sane in summers is to let them shop their favorite lawn prints. Recently Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Vol-2 was launched and as always the designs were breathtaking, the colors were heavenly and the prices were extremely affordable. There is at least one brand that works towards creating not only quality fabric and designs but also sets a price that is reachable by every social class. We saw in volume one the height of designer’s hard work but in this new arrival of volume 2 summer affair 2017 there is something more special. These designs are a lot better than the first volume. Bonanza Satrangi never fails to impress its long awaiting customers. The wait has been paid. Satrangi lawn Vol-2 has launched the volume two collections in three categories. These days not all women go for traditional three piece dresses. Some would want a single shirt to be matched with a jeans or Capri. A floral light scarf can play the role of dupatta and there you go the look is complete. Some women would want a matching dupatta too. For these ladies a two piece category has been designed. This category comes with a chiffon dupatta and a lawn printed or embroidered shirt. Then there is the third category. This category is the most wanted on the list of women looking for some formal dresses. This category is the three piece suit one.

Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Vol-2 Collection 2017 New Arrival

Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Vol-2 Collection 2017

Satrangi Lawn Vol-2 has not used extremely out of the world designs but still the art with which the designers have used colors, motifs and fabric is breathtaking. The designing on the shirts has not been limited to only necklines. Some dresses have printed or embroidered motifs on the side of chest near shoulder. This gives a very classy and trendy look. The trousers matched with the dresses are plain dyed. The shirts have adorned with embroidery on the front side. The back side is either plain or self printed. Some shirts have been printed on both sides. The printed motif is dominant on the hemline or neckline. The back has been left free of any design. Satrangi lawn Vol-2 has both kinds of dopatas both lawn ones and the chiffon ones. The clients can choose whatever they like according to their tastes. Normally women these days go for chiffon ones as they are light and easy to carry. Satrangi lawn Vol-2 has some chikenkari shirts two in three piece dresses. They can be used as formal wear. This means you will not have to buy formals or semi formals separately. Just one dress can serve two purposes. The colors used are both light and bright. Single shirts and two pieces have some light colors but three piece collection has come with bright colors like pink, black, green and purple. The prices of the dresses are extremely affordable. The dresses can be bought online and shipped free of any cost nationwide.

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