Reasons Why Dangal was Ignored in 18TH IIFA Awards 2017

Reasons Why Dangal was Ignored in 18TH IIFA Awards 2017
Dangal: Aamir Khan plays Haryanvi wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat

IIFA Awards 2017: Dangal in other words ‘wrestling’ is an amazing movie that revolves around the life of one extraordinary man ‘Mahavir Singh’. Due to lack of funds Mahavir had to give up his dream of becoming Indian wrestling champion. He is determined to train his son to become a champion and fulfill the dream he failed. This movie was one of its kinds!

When Dangal movie hit the streets thousands of viewers lined up to view it. They simply termed it as a pure brilliance film. Thanks to Aamir Khan, he has succeeded in improving the Bollywood industry. In the year 2016 few days after its launch, Dangal become one of the biggest box hit. After such a success, most viewers are shock that the movie was not included in the 18th IIFA Awards 2017 nominations.

Over the years Aamir Khan Performance has been ranked as the best. What shocked the viewers is the missing of the best movie in the year 2016- Dangal (which Aamir was the lead actor) in the IIFA Awards 2017 nominee list. What viewers don’t know is that Dangal was never submitted for nomination.

The Award show that was held in New York, Nearja movie won the Award, and people questioned the credibility of the award. On receiving numerous critics and questions on why the event organizers ignored an outstanding film like Dangal, the organizers issued a statement.

Dangal producers didn’t send an entry for consideration. Usually what happens, IIFA sends forms to numerous film makers, and in return the film makers fill up the forms and send them back to the IIFA offices. Later, all the forms received on time are put out for voting, thus the entry to nomination is granted.

According to their statement, the event organizers would have loved Dangal to be part of the nomination for their film made a great record, and Khan and the two girls were simply amazing. If Dangal makers didn’t want to be part of the event, the organizers can’t force them. They simply did their duty and nominated the films that took part in the nomination.

The nomination list included various popular films from Pink to Neerja among others. Dangal not being in the list provoked online users and they termed the event as a ‘sham’ and ‘waste of time’. To them Dangal was the film of the year.

Over the years Aamir Khan has been missing in all the Indian awards. He seems to have boycotted all the awards, reasons only known to him. 16 years ago Aamir missed the National Awards; also he didn’t attend the Filmfare event this year, even though he won the best actor award for Dangal movie. Dangal is the most watched movie in both India and China since its production. In fact it continues to run successfully around India and China. There has never been a profitable film in India like Dangal, actually it was ranked 5th by Forbes in the list of the highest earning non-Hollywood films.

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