iPhone 8: Launch Date, Specs, Rumors, Price & More

iPhone 8: Over the years Apple has been regarded as the most competitive phones manufacturer in the market. Way back in 2007 Apple launched it first iPhone, and for a decade the Apple Company has gained a trusted reputation as it tries to modify the iPhone design and features to suit customer needs and desires. Marking its 10th anniversary of the iPhone design, Apple has come up with something new to enjoy the celebration.  A few months ago Apple launch one of its greatest innovation – iPhone 7. Everything was not so impressive with previous launch, iPhone 7 battery life failed to deliver as expected. You should know about Top Ten Mobile Phones of the World in 2017.

iPhone 8 Launch Date, Specs, Rumors, Price & More featured

But the rumors that Apple is set to launch one of the most incredible phones of the year has revived the hopes of many iPhone users. Yes, Apple has planned to redesign its iPhone anytime this year. Apple being one of the most remarkable phone industries, there are already rumors spreading about iPhone 8 impressive features, price among other things. It is rumored that Apple will put at least 10 prototype iPhone models to test so as to come with the most outstanding iPhone model they have ever launched. It might take time for this model to hit the market, because Apple doesn’t want to leave any phone technology behind.

  • Launch Date

We can’t tell the exact date that iPhone 8 will be released, but as we go through the exact reveal and release date of the previous iPhone models we will find something very common, they were revealed on the  beginning of second week of September and released on the third week of September.  Based on the previous iPhones (iPhone 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5) launch date, we will be expecting iPhone 8 release date is September 12 or 13, and be released on September 22 0r 23.

  • Features $ specifications: What is new?

iPhone 8 is expected to come with features, like glass body, 5.8” OLED display, Faster A11 processor, facial recognition perhaps as a replace of touch ID, Edge-to-Edge display, wireless charging, no home button and three models (two standard and one OLED).

  • Design

One of the greatest change we are expecting from the iPhone 8 is it body design. The body –to-screen ration is expected to change with the screen display greatly modified. iPhone 8 is expected to follow the recent trend in the phone market – all-screen from. Most competitive phone industries such as LG and Samsung have already followed this trend, so why not Apple?

In order to slim down the phone handset’s bezel, Apple will have to remove the home button. Although there is no clear consensus among analysts, there some rumors going around that the premium iPhone 8 model might feature a curved screen. In September 2016, New York Times stated that ‘next year Apple will launch an iPhone with virtual button built somewhere in the screen and full-screen face. There is a claim that it will be so much of a struggle for Apple to be able to redesign the touch ID to an optical fingerprint sensor. In fact, analyst Andy Hargreaves claims that this might lead to Touch ID being destroyed completely. However, there is some hopes that Apple might be able solve optical fingerprints issues.

It will feature a glass body similar to that of iPhone 4, says KG analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities. The body will be made of stainless frame or aluminum. Just like iPhone 7, this model will be water resistances, but it will be more modified to a water-tight IP68 rating.

  • Specs

Screen – The new thing that expected with the iPhone 8 screens is the introduction of OLED displays.  This is more than a rumor, having been reported by prominent reporters like Nikkei, The Korea Herald, Bloomberg, President of sharp, Tai Jeng-Wu, and even the Wall Street Journal.

OLED screen is known for producing it own light, thus one will not need a backlight. Not only does this help in saving power, but also helps in improving the screen display.

Three display sizes – The rumor is that iPhone 8 will come with three display sizes – 5.8-inches, 5.5-inches and 4.7-inches. However, it is believed that only 5.8 inches will get the OLED upgrade.

Performance- There is a likelihood that iPhone 8 will feature a new SoC (System–on– a- chip). Unlike the iPhone 7 which is running on the new A10 Fusion Chip, iPhone 8 will likely utilize the unannounced A11 processor.

  • Price

Apple has the most expensive products in the market from laptops to phones. But how much will iPhone 8 costs? We can briefly go through the pricing of iPhones designed in last one decade;

  • iPhone 5 was priced at 529 Euro
  • iPhone 5S – priced at 549 Euro
  • iPhone 6 – priced at 539 Euro
  • iPhone 6S – priced at 539 Euro
  • iPhone 7 – priced at 599 Euro

Over the years the price of Apple iPhone has been around 500 Euro, until iPhone 7 broke the record. iPhone 7 was sold at a price of 599 Euro and if you around it off the price could go up to 600 Euros. The economic change contributed in hike of iPhone prices, and unless the UK economy has changed, where by the exchange rate of currency especially dollars has changed, the price of iPhone 8 is expected to be similar if not a little more expensive.

Why should you look forward for the release of iPhone 8?

If you are still using one of the previous iPhone models, then you might be looking forward for something more improved. Apple next major redesign will definitely come with great features than your current model; it is definitely worth waiting for a few months to see what is in store for you.

However, if you are using last year Apple iPhone model – iPhone 7, the new model is not worth waiting for. Although iPhone 8 will definitely feature great changes, iPhone 7 is still a great Smartphone in the modern market.  I would recommend you wait until another model is launched next year, but in case you feel like having an iPhone 8 with you, there will be no harm purchasing one.

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