iPhone 9 Release Date, Specs & More

iPhone 9: The world of technology is growing at a very high rate, especially the mobile phone industry. Over the years Apple industry have been known of coming up with a new iPhone model every year. iPhone 7 was the last model to be launch by Apple, thus in the course of this year we are expecting them to launch iPhone 8.

With Apple it is very easy to predict the release date of any upcoming iPhone model. For some years now Apple has followed a predictable release schedule. In fact, each year we expect Apple to release a new iPhone during the month of September. What Apple does is to improve or redesign the previous model to come up with a better iPhone model.

There are rumors that Apple might launch 3 amazing devices this year; iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and iPhone 8.  In case this rumor might become a reality, we expect Apple to launch iPhone 9 in the year 2018. Some few weeks ago we were faced with rumors that iPhone 8 will be released in few months time. What comes as a shock is the rumor that the release date might change. However, despites rumors that iPhone 8 will take a little more time to be released to the market, there claims that Apple is planning to launch iPhone 9.

We expect iPhone 9 to be Apple’s 2018 iPhone model. Even though iPhone 8 is not yet released, there rumors that Apple has started working towards the launch of iPhone 9. According to The Korea Economic Daily report, Apple has selected it competitor (LG) as the battery supplier for the upcoming iPhone 9.

This was unexpected, for years now Apple has depended on numerous suppliers for various components, not only does this strategy helps in cutting down production costs, but it also ensures that all unforeseen technical issues are prevented.

Why has Apple decided to acquire iPhone 9 batteries from LG?  There is a possibility that the LG battery design and performance has impressed Apple, thus making them to depend on a single supplier only. With each successive iPhone release, it has become very difficult to come up with a battery design that can help in optimizing internal design, but with this battery it is expected that the battery will be L-shaped, thus the internal space will be optimized.

Another report from Korean Publication claims that LG has already invested millions of won on a project focused on producing millions of L-shaped batteries. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular iPhone analyst and leaker these kinds of batteries will come with both longer battery life and bigger capacity.

According to Korea Economic Daily and Kuo reports, it is expected that Apple will release iPhone 9 in the year 2018. Considering that Apple is running behind in terms of releasing iPhone 8, the release schedule of iPhone 9 might change a bit. Several analysts have claimed that the next generation of iPhones (iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and 7s Plus) expected to be released in the course of 2017 might be delayed due to the shortages of iPhone components supplies. Having said that, the three devices (7s, 7 Plus and iPhone 8) are expected to be released in the first quarter of next year.

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