Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection 1Pc, 2Pc & 3Pc Dresses

When it comes to the name Kayseria, every lady runs to get it hurriedly, kayseria is a brand with no introduction,
gets much importance by Pakistani ladies. Kayseria launched a number of summers and winter collections each year. Due to its quality and color combinations, it is getting fame all over the Pakistan and internationally. This year kayseria is introducing Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection, an elegant and fabulous collection with the best
quality of colors. All colors are selected according to the needs of the customers, and it will attract a number of ladies in getting their beautiful and perfect outfit for their wardrobe.

FABRIC 2354 (3PC)
PKR 3,490.00
Printed Wider Width Khaddar Shirt(2.50 M)
Printed Khaddar Dupatta(2.50 M)
Dyed Khaddar Shalwar(2.50 M)
Dyed & Embroidered Organza Neckline(1)

The fascinating and outstanding prints of Winter Collection 2017 will make you mesmerized. After getting the designs of Kayseria you need not worry about designing and go in each of other accessories in order to make the dress beautiful. All dresses are printed in such a way that you can get the designs on the dress and make its
stitching with your own choice by placing different portions in different places. These designs will make you modern and also make yourself fit for every occasion. Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection always takes into account the customer’s demands and tries to satisfy them with respect to quality, a combination of colors and designs as well.

FABRIC 2386 (2PC)
PKR 5,890.00
Dyed & Embroidered Cotton Karandi Front(1.25 M)
Dyed & Embroidered Cotton Karandi Back(1.75 M)
Dyed Cotton Karandi Shalwar(2.35 M)

Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection consists of single shirts, two-piece, and three-piece dresses. The single shirt is in maroon, black, orange, red, peach and blue color, khaddar fabric gives the dress unique look and easy to wear formally and sometimes on small get to gathers in a family. These designs are designed with brilliant patterns
and descent weavings. The prices of the single printed shirt are 990/PKR to 2000/PKR approximately. Kayseria Winter Collection has 2 piece karandi and 3 piece karandi dresses. These dresses have printed and embroidered cotton karandi front 1.25 M, printed cotton karandi back 1.75 M, printed cotton karandi shalwar.

Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection 2017
FABRIC 2326 (2PC)
PKR 3,490.00
Printed and Embellished Wider Width Khaddar Shirt(2.5M)
Printed Khaddar Shalwar(2.5M)

Price of these karandi embroidered dresses is 3590/PKR. Other two-piece dresses are printed on khaddar fabric these dresses are of beautiful colors with the price range of 3290/PKR to 5890/PKR. Three piece khaddar dresses are awesome for almost every occasion. These dresses are simply printed and have a price of 2999/PKR. Some three
piece dresses with embroidery have the price more than 2990/PKR. Their prints are embellished with beautiful embroidery and also have some embroidery on shawls with a price of 4290/PKR. Some three piece dresses have a shirt and shalwar fabric of khaddar and a woolen shawl with the price of 6999/PKR.

Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection 2017
FABRIC 2323 (2PC)
PKR 3,590.00
Printed & Embroidered Cotton Karandi Front(1.25 M)
Printed Cotton Karandi Back(1.75 M),Printed Cotton Karandi Shalwar(2.50 M)

These dresses are available on www.kayseria.com, and you can also get Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection on outlets of Kayseria which are located in every major city of Pakistan. Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection will give you an excellent dress which looks modern and stylish. Their dresses are unique styles different from other brands.
Enjoy your winter with this beautiful Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection which makes you glamorous. You can also use Kayseria Winter Un-Stitched Collection for party functions. Use of long heels and makeup will obviously make you modern and stylish. For more Collection from Kayseria Online Store Just visit  https://www.kayseria.com/ and chose your best dress from the upcoming winter collections.

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