How To Lose Weight in a Week Fast Without Exercise

Are you looking for ways to lose weight fast without exercise? Do you have a very busy schedule and you can’t hit the gym? You have done everything from pills to exercises, to shed some pounds, but no method is working for you. Losing weight might take weeks or even months. You have to be determined more than ever. However, there some methods of losing weight that are more effective and you might end up shedding some pounds within a week.

Are you a busy person? Would you like to shed extra weight within a week? You don’t have to worry about how to spend your entire day at the gym just to lose some pounds. Losing weight is not about shedding some pounds only, but losing it in a healthy manner, and maintaining the desired weight. Nothing can be so frustrating like losing weight in a week, and then you end up gaining it again in future. The methods used should not affect your overall healthy in any way. There is no use of shedding weight just to end up with a health issue. You don’t have to visit the drug store every week for some ‘lose weight pills’. You can lose weight naturally at the comfort of your home without pills or exercise.

How To Lose Weight in a Week Fast Without Exercise

  • Avoid junk foods

How To Lose Weight in a Week Fast Without Exercise

Taking a lot of carbohydrates especially refined starch is the main cause of weight gain. If you are used to eating refined sandwich rolls, spaghetti or white rice you should replaced your diet with whole-grain products. Refined products are digested very quickly leaving you hungry, and in the mood of eating some more. Whole grain products such as whole grain bread consist of fiber, which will make you feel like you are full after a few bites. You can also reduce the amount of starch intake and add veggies. Veggies have high contents of water that can be used to flush out some extra pounds of water weight in the body.

Yes, it is high time you sacrifice those chips and chocolate dessert you are used too. Let your diet be made of fewer calories. If you are used to taking a plate of white rice, make it half from today to lose extra pounds.

  • Take more lean proteins and eat fewer carbs

How To Lose Weight in a Week Fast Without Exercise

The most effective way to lose weight and stay healthy is taking low-carb diet. Believe me you can reduce some pounds with a few days by just reducing carb intake. Reduce water weight and bloating by decreasing carb intake. Instead of taking a lot of carbs, you can replace the diet with more proteins. Eating plenty of protein can suppress your appetite, and boost your metabolism at the same time. Throughout the week try replacing your high-carbs diet with low-carb diet, and add some veggies and protein.

  • Reduce calorie intake

How To Lose Weight in a Week Fast Without Exercise

The first step to losing weight is reducing the amount of calorie intake. There is no way you can lose weight if you are still taking the same amount of calories you are used to. How can one reduce calories intake? To do this you need a calorie counting tool. Below are a few tips and tricks to reducing calorie intake;

Calories counting

Start with determining the amount of calories you take per meal. You can do these by weighing the foods you eat every day.

Eat only at meals.

Are you used to taking a snack after super? Are used to eating during a break? It is high time you stop these habits. If you are in need of reducing weight, then you should start eating only at meals (breakfast, lunch and supper).

Eliminate calorie-dense condiments and fill up with more veggies.

Let go all the condiments and sauces that consists of high amounts of calories, and instead fill your plate with veggies.

Drink zero calories drinks

Don’t drink calorie-dense drinks! Instead take plenty of water. Also you can take protein shakers but count them as a meal.

Choose lower-fat proteins

Your diet should consist of lean protein, like fish and chicken

  • Drink plenty of water

How To Lose Weight in a Week Fast Without Exercise Drink Water

You might have heard that water is one of the tricks to losing weight. Does drinking water helps in losing weight? Water can help you lose some pounds. Not only does drinking water cleanse your body of waste and help in boosting your metabolism, but it also help to suppress appetite. Also drinking water helps to shed some pounds of water weight in the body, since drinking plenty of water causes your body to stop retaining too much water. But what are some of the tips you should use to make sure your body is always hydrated while losing weight at the same time.

Take a glass of water before eating. Water will suppress your appetite, thus you will end eating a little amount of food than you are used to. Another way you can use water to reduce weight is by replacing all your favorite energy drinks such as soda with water. You can mix water with lemon. It said that lemon can reduce food cravings. Instead of warm water, take cold water, thus your body has to find a way to make the water warm as result some calories will be burned. Finally, you should always make sure to take enough water per. At least eight glass of water in day.

  • Enough sleep

Are you used to sleeping 5 or 8 hours? Sleep 30 minutes more, and will be enough to refresh you completely. Relaxed sleep can be of help in boosting metabolism. Having enough sleep is just as important as hitting the gym. If you are awake for long hours in the night, you might get tempted to take more night snacks. Having enough sleeps also helps in burning more calories.

Final Verdict

How to lose weight? Is one of the questions that linger in most overweight people; by following the above tips you can lose a few pounds in a week. Although one week won’t be enough to lose all the weight you need. It will give you the motivation to move forward with your dream of having the perfect weight. To lose all the weight you need, you should continue practicing the tips above even after the week is over. Always keep in mind you need to come up with ways of maintaining your weight after you are done losing all the extra pounds.

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