Meera Getting Married! Again?

Is Meera getting married again? Alright it has not been long since we saw Meera and her alleged husband Captain Naveed clearing them of the scandal where Meera was constantly denying any Nikah with Captain Naveed.

Meera Getting Married! Again?

Before this saga we also remember some Atiq-Ur-Rehman claiming that he married Meera and now she is denying the Nikah. Everything said let us just break another news. Meera getting married!

Meera Getting Married!

Yea our very own style diva is yet marrying another man whose name has not been unveiled for some unknown reasons. The wedding preparations are in full swing at Meera’s residence.

Meera Getting Married! Again?

The reports are that she wanted to be married by the end of 2016. This however could not happen. Meera may have been excited about her wedding but we cannot wait to see her Mr.Right. With Meera getting married finally we might lose an entertainer.

One thing is clear; Meera never lets any chance to be out of news for long. You forget her and there she comes with a blast to blow you off the ground.

However all we can do is wait and watch and wish her best of luck with this marriage and hope this would be the last for her where she find (as they say) all the happiness in the world.

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