Rumors; The iPhone 8 Plus is Cracked Open While Charging

Facing problems of Apple’s one of three flagships are already being viewed. After unveiling the Apple’s new iPhone 8 launched event on September 12, the iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus were released to their official stores and online stores around the world. Some who loves iPhone a lot have been got their piece after a week. They have loved too much to have their new amazing device and things are gone well.

A shocking news were came from Taiwanese and Chinese media when a woman has found her new iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Rose Gold is cracked open mid-charge when she put her phone on charging.

The new iPhone 8 Plus cracked open

Interesting incident was seen that when the iPhone 8 Plus was put on charging with cable and adapter came with it. The phone’s screen was began to bulge from the body with in three minutes and completely separated from rest of the body after a while which is worst too. The incident was took place after five days purchasing of iPhone 8 Plus and has now been shipped back to Apple’s store for assessment of the issue.

However, that woman was not a single who have faced this problem. Another woman from Japan filed a complaint regarding iPhone 8 Plus which was received as clear screen detached from the body.

Why this issue was faced? Do you know why yourself? Yes we have heard an interesting news a few days ago that Apple has used batteries for new iPhone 8 manufactured by a company which manufactures batteries for Samsung too 😛

Anyway’s you can’t assume that every iPhone will come with issues there are some cases always with the devices when they are being shipped. However Apple has to issue an official statement for these cases.

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