Sana Safinaz Online Store in Pakistan

As soon as a new fashion hits the market most people go crazy about it, especially if it is outstanding. Pakistani is one of the countries that have numerous clothing industries, and one of the best clothing stores to do your shopping is Sana Safinaz.  The two sisters in laws Safina Muneer and Sana Haswani have up come with designs that are associated with eastern culture and traditions. These two business women are dominating the Pakistani clothing industry with quality fabric and amazing designs.

Sana Safinaz Online Store in Pakistan

Sana Safinaz Collections 2017

Ever since its launch Sana has become one of the best clothing brands in Pakistani. Sana clothing brand is popular within Pakistani as well as internationally. The store offers a variety of luxurious clothes ranging from prêt, lawns, haute couture to bridal wears. Even though Sana Safinaz designs are quite expensive, it has the top cloth designs that any person would go for.

Sana Safinaz Women’s clothing

One thing that Sana is well known of is their extraordinary lawn collection, not only does the Lawn collection looks stylish but it also made of a burst of patterns and colors.

If you are looking for lawn collection, then Sana store is the ideal place to visit. Yes, Sana is well known for producing colorful lawn collection designs. The Lawn designs are usually made of quality cotton and they feature a number of colors and great patterns.

  • Summer Collection

This year Sana Safinaz has come up with astonishing summer designs. As always, Sana summer collection stand out in the market. For instances a 3 piece stitched or unstitched dress featuring embroidery compliment can be a great outfit this summer.

This year Sana has design very gorgeous luxury lawn. Their women clothing includes luxury dresses, bottoms, tops among others. 3 pieces luxurious unstitched or stitched dresses are some of the outfits Sana has designed this year.

Sana Safinaz Kid’s clothing

Shop your kids’ clothes from Sana Safinaz stores, and you won’t regret it. We are living in the era of fashion whereby not only men and women are moving with the fashion trend but kids too. Some of Sana kids’ collections this year include;

  • Lawn collection

Make your kids looking perfect casually or on events 2017. Sana has design dresses for your daughters that feature prints and embroideries. The amazing designs leave your kids looking stylish but full of innocence. Another design of dresses you can find in Sana design for your kids is kurta trousers, jumpsuits and jackets. Their dresses are quite colorful and no kid can say no to them.

Final Verdict

For over two decades Sana Safinaz has been one of the top clothing brands in Pakistani, and due to its good reputation their clothes has also been embraced worldwide. Sana Safinaz specializes in women clothes and kids dresses too. To check their amazing collections 2017 visit. Sana Safinaz has built outlets both in Pakistani and around the world. In Pakistani you can find some of their stores around Lahore (Gol Market) and Karachi (Saima Pari Mall).

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