Sobia Nazir; The Best Pakistani Fashion Designer

Sobia Nazir is one of the most famous fashion designers in Pakistan who was born and grew up in Islamabad and has a brother (Yasser Nazir) who owns a famous beautiful restaurant in Islamabad. In 2008, the fashion designer Sobia Nazir got the award for the ‘Best Pakistani designer of the year’. This award was given in the Asian Style Awards. Subia Nazir is an internationally well known Pakistani designer who preserves Pakistan’s heritage and keeps up with the world’s latest fashion. Subia Nazir’s designs are famous for the harmony of colors and taste in creative    exclusive models. Sobia Nazir has established her own business in the field of fashion and design since 2010 although she started designing in 1995, she quickly became famous and had a lot of fans. After ten years of establishing her business, she has two outlets in Islamabad based with a team of 850 trained professionals and in Lahore. Nazir is one of the first to use semi-precious stones in models. Models that were designed by Sobia and accessories appeared on the pages and cover of many magazines such as Hello ,OK , Elle, Niche, Libas, Asian Woman, Asiana and Enstyle.

Sobia Nazir; The Best Pakistani Fashion Designer

Sobia Nazir has made numerous fashion shows in Pakistan, UK and Dubai and has always received a very positive response, because of her gorgeous designs, due to their unique combination of color, embroidery and elegance. This unique style captures the mood and attracts the lovers of Pakistani beauty and harmony .

It was difficult for Sobia to keep up with her time-consuming work, her family life and her basic role as a mother, but she overcame it and became a well-known fashion designer. Sobia’s superiority in fashion is due to the implementation of the idea desired by the person but by adding her own touch and taste, the models of Sobia are characterized as semi-natural because they are not completely natural to accompany the global fashion for showing the beauty of Pakistan. Nazir has been a major contributor to wedding dresses design and she does her best to design the most beautiful models for a day like this and makes the bride just like celebrities.

Sobia Nazir has worked at the Pakistani and international levels as well. She participated in the fashion week in Milan and was honored at the Dubai Fashion Week for three consecutive years. Her models were displayed at the national level in PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Her models had title of ‘Sequence of Bloom’ because of the wonderful combination of colors and the coordination of new colors of its kind, made her famous for showing  the Pakistani heritage in the most beautiful  form. Sobia is committed to provide the best quality products to women at affordable prices since she started designing   in 1995 .

Sobia exports her models to India, UK, USA, Bangladesh, UAE and Qatar. Sobia is more skillful than others in wedding dress designs, she combines both Pakistani elegance, world-class chirps and semi-precious stones such as Khabarovsk, sequins, and mixed stones to give brides a glamorous look. She  has special designs that attracts fashion lovers from all over the word

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