Top 20 Mehendi Designs


Every woman swears by mehendi, if you want to look ethnic for very important ritual then without mehendi your look will be incomplete.  Mehendi is not just loved for its charm and beauty, but it is an important factor of the whole ritual.

Top mehendi designs at home can easily draw the just need to pay focus on the design.

Most of women learn to draw the designs at home. Women liked top mehendi designs and they love to applied mehendi on their hands before attending wedding ceremony. Mehendi is the essential part for any wedding ceremony. Here to talk about Top 20 Mehendi Designs 2017.

  1. Shaded Mehendi:

In Mehendi the shading technique art is really eye-catching and this top mehendi design is different from the regular ones. This double shaded tone is very popular among the girls. The using technique is easy, it is done by utilizing dark and light colors of mehendi.

  1. Floral Mehendi design:

This design is one of the most top and prominent designs of mehendi designs 2017, it is applied in the style of, from small flowers to big patterns. This floral design inspires women and they liked it.


  1. Net Mehendi:

The net mehendi design replicates the interfaced formation of mesh fabric. From full mesh design on hands shows one of the most beautiful and charming styles of mehendi.

  1. Tiki-style mehendi:

If you don’t like heavy designs mehendi, you should opt for very simple tiki-style design. This tiki-style mehendi design is very popular in Pakistan, India, and regions of the Middle East.


  1. Glitter Mehendi:

This type of design is mostly like on wedding functions, by the use of glitter the mehendi design gets an extra charm and beauty with sparkly adornments.

  1. Diagonal Floral Design:

Diagonal floral design is applied on the backhand, this is very simple design. Big flower and small petals are used in it, this design take less time to do.


  1. Diamond Mehendi Design:

In diamond design use diagonal pattern mostly near the end of the palm, this design is very easy to make and popular with the girls.

  1. Sticker Mehendi:

Sticker mehendi come in different colors, women can match the color with their outfits.


  1. Portrait Mehendi:

Portrait mhendi designs are very difficult to apply but the most popular design among the women. They like to portrait of their beloved on their hands by applying mehendi.


  1. Royal Architecture:

Royal architecture design reminds you of the ancient Mughal palace. Apply the mehendi by using the different pattern of the royal architecture.


  1. The Elephant Motif:

The elephant design is unique and it is different from common motifs such as floral patterns and peacocks patterns.


  1. The Swirl:

This curvy menedi design is done on each finger with leaving a blank area between fingers and palm.

  1. The Peacock Design:

A peacock design with adorable feathers can be incorporated into other patterns, the peacock’s long neck is the grace of the design with its beautiful feathers is no doubt unbeatable.


  1. Traditional Design:

The traditional mehendi design is showing series of the leaves and petals in the finger and palm.


  1. Triangle Design:

This pattern is offering two colors in the mehendi design such as dark brown and fade red.

  1. Multiple Design shapes:

The multiple shapes of mehendi designs are showing grace and beauty of the design and it inspire women too much.


  1. Petal-Rhythm Mehendi design:

Every woman wants to look amazing and want to catch the attention of others, petal-rhythm design is highly exclusive for them, this type of design make their events memorable.

  1. Modest petals Design and Zig-Zag Mehendi:

This type of design is very simple, unique and amazing. Most of the girls like this design.

  1. Minimalistic Design:

Adoption of Arabic style this design is done on hands, the ring work on the finger adds beauty to the design.


  1. The Twist design:

This twisted and unique design of mehendi is looked gorgeous and it is really eye-catching, this design draws attention and liked by the mostly women.



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