Top Pakistani Dresses 2017 For Young Women & Girls

Pakistani clothing culture is enriched with the numerous influence of thousands of years old heritage. As from the word it’s quite clear that these dresses are manufactured and influenced by the culture of Pakistan. These mostly represent the cultures of five regions and they are Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtun and Kashmir regions of the country. Pakistani Dresses are most popular dresses in Asia. National dress of Pakistan is shalwar kameez. Shalwar is loose trousers with a narrow opening in the leg and kameez are the shirts. Shalwar kameez comes in different variety and colours with gracefully handcrafted designs, varying sleeve length, shirt length and elegant necklines.

It is interesting to know that even the national dress is divided into sub categories. Some of them are Sindhi shalwar kameez, Punjabi shalwar kameez, and Balochi shalwar kameez.

Different regions of Pakistan have blended the dress in their own way with their regional sparks. One of the most seen and known dress is ‘Baloch’. It is a long frock type dress till heels. It is made of thick cloth in order to protect from hot dry winds of Kharan desert. Balochi traditions have their own unique identity.

Another regional dress of Pakistan is ‘Sindh’, a beautifully crafted salwar kameez with outstanding handcrafted designs. Ajrak are the beautiful designs which are made by local peoples. With the beautiful dress always comes a matching footwears and accessories to enhance the beauty. Sindhi people use a cultured and elegantly designed Sindhi cap. Men wear dhoti with kameez and the long angerkho.

Next is ‘Punjab’, a straight cut Punjabi salwar kameez, generally worn by men. Other options are kurta and salwar, dhoti, lungi or tehmat and kurta. By the time salwar were advanced by giving them many folds making them baggy and stylish. This kind is generally called Patiala Salwar. This dress is enhanced by turban which is also called pagri in regional and nearby areas of Pakistan. It is a thin cloth wrapped around the head. Footwear included is Khussa.

Pakistani people do not always wear a same kind of dress with different designs, they have numerous variety of other traditional dresses other than salwar kameez which are mostly worn on special occasions such as weddings engagements receptions and other traditional ceremonies. Most loved and seen dresses are ghagra choli and sarees. All around the world sarees are the one of the most divine outfits. Lehenga style saree is another popular traditional dress of Pakistan. Lehenga resembles a skirt but it is a traditional designed dress. More of occasional Pakistani Dresses includes gharara, Sharara, Farshi Pajama, and Laacha. Check also Latest Kurti designs 2017 for Ladies.

A lot has been said about Pakistani Dresses now let’s talk about the creator of these adorable dresses.

Pakistani Dresses 2017 For Girls

Pakistan has a number of leading designers. some of them are listed below.

Hassan Shaharyar Yasin (HSY), one of the leading designer of Pakistan, started his career in Lahore, Pakistan, and still resides there. He gave himself to the fashion industry in 1994 as fashion choreographer. HSY is well known all around the world. He’s counted in the list of Top 10 most popular best Pakistani Dresses Designers. His work is admired in approximately 14 display centres worldwide. He has expertise in the field of bridal dresses.

Another sparkly designer is Asim Jofa. He carried the assets of his ancestors as a jewellery designer for 12 years. He’s the establisher of highly exclusive and glamorous diamond boutique. His collection includes bridal, party wear, summer winter collections, etc. Asim Jofa’s handcrafted masterpiece are getting admired worldwide.

Top Pakistani Dresses 2017 For Girls & Women

Next jazzy designer of Pakistan is Deepak Perwani. He’s not only a designer but also an actor. He’s an extrusive member of Hindu Sindhi community. Elegance is another name for his collections. He’s blessed with the art of luxury bridal dresses. He is counted in Top 10 Most popular best Pakistani designers.

Fahad Husaayn, the youngest designer with excellence in textile design, was born in Faisalabad. He is a specialist of bridal dress. His work can make you dressed to the teeth. He started his career in his home by designing clothes for his family. His designs are based on his magnificent cuts. He has a great way with traditional dresses. His work is full of art and zari works.

Maria B., a fashionable dress designer, has unique trendiness in her work. Her elegant dress designs are loved by the people worldwide her work depicts elegance and simplicity. Her combination of lawn prints and necklines added huge volume and beauty to simple suits. Her brand is famous for salwar kameez dupatta designs. She is one the leading designer in Pakistan.

Maria B Lawn 2017 Collection New Summer Dresses

If you want to get amazed, look over the work of Bunto Kazmi. Yes, she’s another leading designer of Pakistan. This amazing lady has inspirations from Mughal empire, so her creations generally reflect this era. Her art and combinations of colour with perfect contrast depicts how perfect and expertise her work is. She has a unique style in bridal dresses.

Zara Shahjahan, a young beauty with talent, started her deign career in 2004. She is a successful learner from the fashion ramp. She is a sophisticated designer. She is well known for her classy work in formal attires. After her success in pret wears fashion, she opened her own brand called Coco.

Nomi Ansari, another young man who has dominated fashion industry with his dazzling sparkling styles. He is a graduate from Pakistan school of fashion design. He is famous for his pret works and attractive party wears of Pakistani Dresses. Most renowned models walk in the ramp of this young man’s fashion shows.

Another designer with graceful talent is Umar Sayeed. His creation has luxurious looks and marvellous patterns. His design industry has grown worldwide and demands for his lovely bridal collection are increasing each day. His work includes the perfect mixture of palette, embellishments, and creativeness.

Last but not least comes the name ‘Sana Safinaz’ alliance of two bold gorgeous ladies, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir. They are serving fashion industry for almost 25 years. Their most recognized works involve the couture, bridal dresses, and lawns. The lawn prints designed by Sana Safinaz are highly fashionable and preferred by most of the women. They both secure the top places in the list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Pakistani Designers.

Ready To Wear Sana Safinaz Embroidered Lawn 2017 With Price

Ready To Wear Sana Safinaz Embroidered Lawn 2017 With Price

Ready To Wear Sana Safinaz Embroidered Lawn 2017 With Price

Ready To Wear Sana Safinaz Embroidered Lawn 2017 With Price


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