Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017

We are living in a digital era, where within a blink of an eye you might miss the latest Smartphone. With so many phones being introduced to the market every day, you might be confused on which phone to purchase. With the high growth of technology sometimes you might even get lost on which type of phone to buy. Should you go for android phone or iOS? We are giving the list of Top Ten Mobile Phones in World 2017.

Over the years a lot has changed in the phones market, and it would be wise for you to research more about phones technology, what is new and what you really want. Before going for shopping, have a affirm decision on what kind of phone you need. Although Smartphones are really remarkable these days, you still have to make sure you get what you need. There are things you should look for when buying a phone, such as cost, screen size, quality, memory, battery capacity among other things. The phone should be worth every penny you are going to spend.

Looking for a new phone? It is very hectic to select the best option when there are so many phones in the market. What are some of the best phones you should buy 2017? Below is a list of the top ten mobile phones in the world 2017, you should consider purchasing.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 plus

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 Galaxy S8

Over the years Samsung industry has gained trusted reputation due to their outstanding products. S8 plus might be on the first place in Top Ten Mobile Phones 2017 in the market today! From features to performance, Galaxy S8 offers all the capabilities needed. It comes with internal storage but you can also install external memory. S8 has both a front and back camera. Wireless and fast charging, Samsung pay payment technology, water proof, IP68 dust resistance, USB Type-C standard port and a headset jack are some of the great features that come with S8 plus.

  • OnePlus 5

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is worth every penny as it has an outstanding designed and the best camera. If you are look for the best android experience, then this is the phone you should buy. It comes with incredible dual-camera around the back.  Featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors, OnePlus is among the best performing phones in the industry. Although it battery life isn’t so impressive, OnePlus can’t be compared with some of its competitors. OnePlus 5 comes with an internal storage of 64GB OR 128GB. The good thing about OnePlus is that it cheaper than other phones in this Top Ten Mobile Phones list.

  • LG G6

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 LG G6

Shock resistance, dual rear cameras, waterproof, dust resistance, wireless charging, pocket size form factor and minimal bezels are some of the greatest features that comes with this phone. Although LG G6 doesn’t have any feature that can make it stand out in the market, it still has a great track record. In fact, LG is able to compete with some of the most competitive companies in the market such as Apple and Samsung.

  • iPhone 7  Plus

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 iPhone 7 Plus

Water resistances, heap of power, dual-cameras, and amazing performance are some of the remarkable features that come with this phone. Actually, nothing is missing with this new make from App industry. It looks similar with the previous apple design. The only thing that is missing is a headphone jack instead you have to use wireless headphones with this phone. The battery life is incredible!

  • Lenovo P2

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 Lenovo P2

What is more surprising about this phone is how cheap it is, considering that it has all the features anyone would expect from a Smartphone. One of its greatest features is impressive battery life. It is said that Lenovo P2 can last at least 2 days on a single charge. Gorgeous display, attractive metal design is some of the features that come with this phone. Are you looking for a Smartphone with a phenomenal battery life? Look no more! Lenovo P2 is the phone you need.

  • Sony Xperia XZ

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 Xperia XZ

Do you love taking photos? This is the phone you need! Sony Xperia features an exceptional camera on the back, and that is not all as it features a beautiful HDR screen which makes even the most boring video or image look colorful.  As a gamer you will have a good experience with this phone, since it comes with heaps of power that is more than enough to watch videos, play games and do other things. In addition, it has a very bright and colorful screen that gives you a good view when watching TV shows and movies.

  • HTC U11

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 HTC U11

Amazing audio, outstanding camera! HTC is back with one of the most powerful phone in the market. This is another phone for photo lovers.  HTC features an amazing camera thus taking some colorful photos is a guarantee. In addition, it has a powerful HDR mode, and its audio performance is beyond excellent. Its overall design is also impressive. Although HTC U11 performance is far from Galaxy S8, it is a still an amazing phone in the industry.

  • Google’s Pixel

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 Google Pixel

Google’s pixel is one of the best Smartphones in the market. Manufactured by Google, Pixel is one of the best phones in terms of performance. Bright colorful full HD display, supremely smooth performance, great battery life is some of the features that come with pixel. Pixel is the most breath taking phone in the world of Android.

Would love breathe taking photos? Pixel features a 12MP camera on the back and a great Android Nougat interface which gives you the chance to multitask

  • Motorola Moto Z

Moto Z product photography

World’s thinnest phone! Yes, as of today Motorola can be regarded as the thinnest phone worldwide. Although Moto Z is still some steps behind as compared to its rivals like Samsung S8, Moto Z features are incredible. Not only does Moto Z feature creative modular accessories but it also comes with a fingerprint sensor.

Moto is probably one of the most innovative top ten mobile phones in the market. However, it doesn’t feature a headphone jack and the battery size has been reduced. Even with these drawbacks, Moto is still one of the top ten mobile phones in the market.

  • iPhone 7

Top Ten Mobile Phones in The World 2017 iPhone 7

Although iPhone 7 looks similar to the previous 3 models, it is still one of the top ten mobile phones in the market today. Most Apple models are very expensive but they are worth the price. iPhone 7 comes with some great features such as water resistance, great internal storage and good low light camera.

This phone has it shortcomings such as same design as the previous 3 models, unimpressive battery life and lacks clear upgrades. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of buying an iPhone, this is one of the best model you should consider buying.

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